Offering a premium 90-day Weight Management and Holistic Plant-Based Nutrition Program

Tailored for iIndividuals seeking comprehensive support in achieving their health goals. The program centres around enjoying delicious, nutritious plant-based foods and incorporating more physical activity into your routine. It emphasises that sustainable weight management comes from lifestyle changes and adopting enjoyable habits that you can maintain long-term. To support your journey towards a healthy weight loss, Bio-Buoyance employs the following approach.
3-Day Juice Cleanse

Experience a rejuvenating cleanse to reset your body and liberate your mind from the grip of sugar and cravings. A juice cleanse involves replacing solid foods with raw, cold-pressed juices, purging the body of health-compromising processed substances like sugar, refined oil, and high-temperature cooked foods.

9-Day Pre-Prepared Meal Delivery

Transitioning into a healthier lifestyle may seem daunting, especially for busy individuals. For the initial 9 days post-juice cleanse, enjoy the convenience of pre-prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered to your doorstep, facilitating a seamless transition and easing the burden of food preparation.

28-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan with Recipes

After the initial prepared meals phase, embark on a 28-day journey of plant-based nutrition, equipped with detailed meal plans and recipes to guide you in preparing nutritious and delicious meals independently.

90-Day Accountability Group and Personal Workout Follow-Up

Stay motivated and accountable throughout your journey with the support of a dedicated accountability group and personalized workout follow-ups. Remember, the 21/90 rule dictates that committing to a goal for 21 days forms a habit, and 90 days integrates it into your lifestyle.

Furthermore, ponder this profound insight: “Your body is your ultimate passport to life.” Just as one values a British passport with all the processes and investments involved, prioritize caring for your body, as it is infinitely more valuable than any earthly¬†possession

Price Structure

Explore our straightforward and transparent pricing options tailored to fit your budget and wellness goals.

Program Price

£350 for the comprehensive package.

Installment Option

Spread the cost over 3 months with instalment payments available.

Discount Policy

A 10% discount is applicable for one-time payments. However, if opting for instalments, the discount does not apply.

Program Start Date

The program begins on May 27th 2024, with limited spaces available.

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