Ngozi Aguele. Ngozi holds a first degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering and also holds a Masters in International Business Management. She worked as a Project Engineer for 5 years in her home country before moving to the United Kingdom to be with her Husband. After moving to the United Kingdom, upon completion of her MSc in International Business Management, She became a certified Business Analyst and took a job with a reputable company as a Data Analyst.

She ran a cake company from home whilst working as a Data Analyst.  Ngozi had no intention of running a fruit juice business until she developed a medical condition that could not be resolved with scientific medicine. In search of how to heal, She started cutting off all types of fizzy drinks and store-bought juices which contributed to her ill health and resorted to consuming only water. She had done this for a period of two years when suddenly she started to feel deprived of juices and milk because cereal was no longer part of her meals.

After some research on healthy milk and drinks, she began to consume store-bought healthy milk and juices, but sadly this made her suffer pain in her guts after consumption. The preservative used in preserving the healthy drinks to increase their shelf life was harmful to her guts.

This motivated her to get into her kitchen and started her homemade cold-pressed juices and milk that did not need preservatives.  She began consuming her products and learnt more about the health benefits. Her passion for healthy drinks and juices increased when she experienced the healing benefit in her own body.

Consuming her tiggernut milk and juices restored her vigour and vitality, made her energetic and she no longer felt deprived. It was then that she decided to share her product with the world because there must be millions of people with a burning desire to have a healthy life and refine what they eat. After months of research, more juice lines were added to her recipe and menu and now it was time to get a Juice bar running.